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Building A Successful Future

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Welcome to iMass Investments

Core Values

VISION –  “Be the Best in Quality Investment”

We continuously strive to work towards our vision by providing world class management and services to our investors. Our mission is to be one of the foremost investment institutions in the region. Managing assets and generating high returns consistently year after year are our long term goals.

Our Services

EXPERTISE – iMass provides knowledge, insights and research.

We constantly strive to be recognised as a regional reputed company in the area of investments. We maintain a close watch on new industrial and investment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and GCC. In addition, we finance projects and companies that are already operational but require extra capital for growth.

Investor Relations

RESULTS – We’ll help you design a course that’s right for you.

Although we can be considered a fairly young company we have been able to forge strong and successful relationships with leading financial and investment institutions. Within just a few years, we have built up a reputation of being able to reach out to clients and stakeholders in order to form long term commitments. Meeting client expectations is always top most on our priority list.

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