About Us

iMass Investments was set up in 2007 with a focus on investing in leading companies and major projects. Since its inception, iMass Investments has been striving to become a globally reputed company in the field of investments.

One of the biggest contributors to the company’s success is the quality of staff across all levels of the organization. This has enabled iMass Investments to prove its expertise in the areas of investment and finance.

World-class leadership strategies from a top-notch management team have allowed the company to deliver excellent results consistently. In fact, Imass Investments specializes in not just meeting expectations but in exceeding them. This success is in turn shared within the organization and with clients and stakeholders.

At iMass Investments, client expectations are given the top most priority. Although the organization can be considered young it has been able to forge strong and successful partnerships with leading financial and investment institutions. Within just a few years, Imass Investments has built up a reputation of reaching out to clients and stakeholders in order to form long term commitments.

With the highest standards of quality, an optimal balance of assets and an ambitious outlook, iMass Investments has carved a strong presence in the Middle East and even beyond. The company has a strong focus on building strategic partnerships, providing innovative investment solutions and being committed to its corporate responsibilities. These factors have helped iMass Investments in reaching its ambitious goals.

The team at iMass Investments has the right combination of hard work, commitment, tenacity and superior management skills. It has a wide range of human and technical resources at its disposal, which have allowed it to show outstanding results every year.

Part of iMass Investments’ growth strategy is to reach beyond its local boundaries and create an international presence for itself. In support of this strategy, the company has been in expansion mode in countries around the region. It also aims at setting up offices in Europe. In the years to come, the company has a vision of being able to provide customized, tailor-made investment solutions that are suited to local markets but are global in their approach.

iMass Investments have proven time and again that it can deliver on its promises. The corporate philosophy is therefore focused on continuously improving quality standards while trying to accomplish its vision of becoming a globally reputed investment company.