Core Values

iMass Investments has a strong focus on the new industrial and investments opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and GCC. As part of its operations, it finances those projects and companies that are already established but need additional capital for growth and development.

iMass Investments is a company with a global vision and is committed to widening its investment portfolio through strategic management techniques and its highly effective marketing, financial, and business relationships. This international outlook coupled with the constant pursuit for the highest standards in quality has helped to extend our reach within the Middle East and beyond.

We strive to attain our vision of “Be the Best in Quality Investment” by providing world class management and services to our investors. Our mission is to be one of the foremost investment institutions in the world. Our long-term goals are to manage assets and generate consistently high returns.

Exceeding client expectations is our motto and we shoulder this responsibility with a sense of pride. This has allowed us to deliver solid results ever since our inception in 2007.

We have always made it a point to share our success both within the organisation as well as with our clients and stakeholders.

We are committed to delivering outstanding financial returns to our shareholders through responsible investments in leading companies and projects around the world. Our approach is radically different from other investment companies in that we do not believe in focusing on short term gains. We are of the opinion that there is a minimal gestation period without which real change is not possible. This approach has ensured that our investment decisions are strategic instead of simply being based on opportunity. We have therefore been able to deliver world class returns to our shareholders and our portfolio companies.

At iMass Investments we strongly believe that our core values are built on our long-term vision, our global approach and our people.