Why Abu Dhabi ?

Abu Dhabi is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also the capital of the country and occupies over 80 per cent of the total land area.

UAE has a rich reserve of natural resources and, oil exports form the backbone of its economy. The country has about 8 percent, or 98.7 billion barrels, of the world’s proven oil reserves and is home to the fifth largest natural gas reserves in the world.

The Government of Abu Dhabi strongly believes that the industrial sector must spearhead the economy and be a contributor to the country’s prosperity and welfare. It has recently launched an economic diversification program to promote growth in key sectors such as real estate, tourism, manufacturing and heavy industries. The aim is to bring stability along with development for these sectors in the long run.

This progressive economic outlook coupled with liberalization and a strong private sector presence has encouraged huge amounts of foreign direct investment into UAE.

Abu Dhabi has benefited from these new regulations and economic reforms. This has given it a solid approach towards investment.

There are several reasons for investing in the industrial sector in this region. First and foremost is the strategic location of Abu Dhabi. The location enjoys state of the art infrastructure and an efficient, multi-modal transportation system.

UAE has a rock solid, stable political base. This allows the Government to be completely focused on developing the economic strategies for the country. This is why it is strongly committed to large scale and structured investment programs. It has entered into double taxation agreements with a number of countries to boost trade.

Through various trade agreements, UAE enjoys preferential access to neighboring as well as global markets. One of the major goals of the Government is to strengthen the national economy by developing specialized economic zones and by supporting additional sources of income. In fact, the GDP is projected to increase dramatically over the coming years due to the oil and gas industry and its diversified manufacturing sector.

Abu Dhabi is known for its secure and friendly environment. Its industrial sector is strongly supported by the Government. It has abundant energy reserves – its hydrocarbon deposits make up 95% of UAE’s oil reserves and 92% the country’s gas.

All these factors make Abu Dhabi a preferred base for investments. iMass Investments is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, allowing the company a truly strategic location in the Middle East region.