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Every iTech team member has a qualified & practiced professional discipline, ranging from Project Managers, Architects, Engineers & Software Developers. Every team member is also a BIM Specialist. The collective array of knowledge in BIM implementation defines the group as specialists.

iTech Management Consultancy has grown rapidly to be the #1 sought after provider of Building Information modelling in the GCC Region

With over 100 Professional Staff, iTech have completed+50 projects in the GCC.

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Established in 2010, iTech Management Consultancy has grown rapidly to be a sought-after provider of Building Information Management (BIM) technology services to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The company’s respected business practice is structured to provide clients with an integrated build delivery solution, utilizing an advanced form of BIM combined with data management. Clients are ensured the highest standards of quality, timeliness and budgetary considerations. The iTech difference lies in the team’s strength of providing clients intelligent individual solutions through the incorporation of the latest BIM technology.

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