Project Description

The Midfield Terminal Complex will provide a full terminal building, passenger and cargo facilities, duty-free shops and restaurants for up to 40 million passengers a year. The MTC’s terminal building will be the largest in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and one of the region’s most architecturally impressive structures. Associated support buildings take up an additional 800,000 sqm, and will include access to 16-20 aircraft parking stands dedicated to cargo.

The Challenge

iTech was challenged and tasked to bring the BIM models of our Client into a series of Data Analysis to manage all information of the project to ensure full coordination of their models with the master project BIM models.

The Solution

iTech developed custom software for our Client which enables one when selecting a geometry, they are able to retrieve the BOQ and the Activity, but this works also if you select an activity, you get access to the geometry. All geometries and activities are linked bi-directional, creating a powerful tool for the project team. As a result, the BIM enabled iTech to bring the project team quickly to a common-level of understanding and reduce the time associated in reviewing and interpreting design information and the entire WBS for the project delivery.

The Result

The fully coordinated visual references improved awareness and understanding of what was included within their scope of work as the 3D model provided a realistic picture of the final design, which could be viewed from many different angles. This helped to manage the client’s expectations and assisted in the decision making process. The focus for the contractor and supply chain was on cost, time and quality and demonstration of best value. The single model environment made it easier to coordinate different disciplines, schedules, areas and quantities which were automatically updated. This also provided efficient delivery of updated information and costs whilst maintaining an audit trail.