Project Description

The Abu Dhabi Medical Rehabilitation Centre will be a unique standalone healthcare facility, located in the development area of Khalifa City ‘A’ next to main axis of the future Abu Dhabi Capital District. New integrated examination, treatment and therapy concepts shall ensure a fast and sustainable regaining of health, well being and integration to the community.

The Challenge

iTech was appointed to convert the 2D set of IFC drawings into a BIM Model and raise RFI/BIM Queries through the process where there was conflict with the coordinated set of drawings received from the Consultant. They also verified the room data sheets to ensure the construct-ability of the Drawing Set. iTech worked in coordination with the Consultant to resolve any coordination issues prior to issuance of the Final IFC drawings to the General Contractor.

The Solution

iTech created BIM Models from the drawings issued for construction and performed interdisciplinary design coordination. We created and kept a running log of the BIM RFIs/Queries that arose during the exercise. These RFIs/Queries consisted of system coordination errors or omissions along with missing information in the drawings that would limit the Contractor’s ability to construct the element. In addition, iTech documented any conflicting information that occurred either on plan or in the Room Data Sheets. The RFI/BIM Query log was updated on a weekly bases and was given to the Consultant to review, answer and resolve the issue by providing documentation or an addendum for iTech to properly model. The Consultant would also revise the drawings and provide the addendum to the General Contractor at the end of this exercise as the Final IFC drawing set. Workshops with the Consultant were held on a monthly bases to assist in resolving open items that needed more discussion. In addition, it gave time to coordinate further as a team effort. The Model was used to help highlight and eliminate conflicts among the various trades.

The Result

The BIM models of all trades provided visual references, which improved awareness and understanding of the constructability of the project and the key issues that the General Contractor will face when approaching the project. The 3D model provided a realistic representation of the project and will not used be for construction, but as a tool for reference by the contractor to understand the RFI/Query Log, addendum and Final IFC drawing set. iTech was able to identify problematic areas before executing the construction work. This helped to manage the Client’s expectations and assisted in the decision making process to resolve design coordination issues that would be a cost factor on the project. The BIM Audit of the IFC drawings saved the Contractor time and the Owner money by rectifying issues prior to construction rather during the construction phase.  The use of BIM on this project resulted in substantial cost and schedule savings.