A Day at Mafraq

The team from iTech Management Consultancy has been working on-site at Al Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi for 38 months. This 290,000-square-meter, four-tower hospital is modern and positioned as a world-class health care facility in the UAE, with centers of excellence in thoracic and orthopedic surgery as well as burn treatment.

iTech is providing Building Information Modeling (BIM) project management, using 2D IFC drawings to design BIM LOD 500 as-built models, performing clash detection and integrating sub-contractor BIM models. The team also generates shop drawings directly from the master BIM model.

With 739 beds and 139 outpatient clinics, this SEHA-owned project is being built by main contractor Al Habtoor Leighton Murray Roberts JV (HLMR), who has contracted iTech to lead the BIM design and coordination efforts.

iTech Senior BIM Architects Valentina Jaimez and Cristina Alastrue are working at the construction site, and below offer an example of “A Day at Mafraq.”

Early morning

We grab a coffee and biscuits. Then, we check our mail and prepare for the day’s workload, by organizing the teams and seeing how far they are in the projects.

Valentina: My priority is finishing coordination of the Lead Shielding rooms for an upcoming meeting with the design manager. My goal is to solve clashing in order to have accurate elevations to use for site construction.

Cristina: I print the minutes of the Ceilings weekly meeting and make three copies for those who will be attending later.

Valentina: In the coordination of the Lead Shielding rooms, I check the received markups by HLMR, check the RFI, and check the shop drawings for each discipline in each room. (I look for overlapping information, clashes and note all comments for the meeting.)


Cristina: One person from Sigmed (the Medical Equipment subcontractor) comes to my desk and asks me about an issue with the coordination of Medical Equipment (his company) and Interiors (Itech).

I check the latest RFI’s and track them in our iTech log. I implement the approved ones in the Interiors model and in the shop drawing sheets, and notify the people at Oger (MEP subcontractor), so they can update their models. Once the coordination is done I confirm the implementation by mail to the contractor.

Valentina: I check clashes with the Interiors model due to changes in the Lead Shielding rooms, coordinate with Oger regarding ceilings in the Operating rooms and coordinate with SGDE regarding the ceiling in the Hybrid room.

Cristina: I meet with Valentina and decide that Munaf (iTech) will help my team updating the wall protection because he finished what he was doing. I meet with him, update it and we coordinate the job with the rest of the team.

Dominic and Noel (HLMR) come to my desk to ask me some updated information regarding some rooms. One of the members of my team finds a clash with Medical Equipment so we coordinate and try to solve the issue with Sigmed (Medical Equipment) and Ryan (HLMR).

Lunch: We eat at the existing hospital cafeteria.

Early afternoon

Cristina: After lunch, I revise the comments implemented in one area of the building and I re-submit the shop drawing to the HLMR.

I talk with my team members individually and see how their work is going. I send the snapshots with the information of the rooms that Noel and Dominic (HLMR) asked me for this morning.

Valentina: Our meeting is now postponed for tomorrow morning, so I organize the workflow with the team for the following week while I will be on vacation. I check to see if the RFI to implement in wall-mounted elements has arrived.

I again coordinate with Oger, this time regarding the ceiling in the MRI room. (These rooms are submitted by another subcontractor, so our model needs to be updated and MEP coordination must be completed.)


Cristina: I coordinate the Carpet shop drawings with Hugo (iTech) and John (HLMR). I spend a bit of time helping Hugo (iTech). He joined the project last week and needs to be updated with m going on in the project.

I continue with the coordination of the RFI’s that I started during the morning. I sit with Valentina and she shows me how to establish files for wall protection in the peripheral buildings. I come back to my desk to prepare three of them.

Valentina: I cross-check the work the iTech team has been doing. Then, I received a response for the MRI MEP elements in the ceiling, so I can now update the model.

Cristina: At 4 we finish, say goodbye to everyone and wait for other iTech colleagues with whom we share a car. We drive home to Dubai.