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BIM Digital Modeling

“A building Information Model (BIM) is a digital representation of physical & functional characteristics of a facility. As such it serves as a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility, forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle from inception onward.” Source: United States National BIM Standard, VI 2008

Virtual Build

Building information modeling isn’t only a 3D drawing, but a rich data model. Creating it involves designing & assembling components accurately. The BIM images don’t only have shape & color, but also material, weight, cost, manufacturer details & heat conduction properties. Generating it enables an organization to virtually build the building as it would be constructed on-site before the actual construction has started.

Global Usability

By storing & managing building information as databases, BIM solutions are captured, managed & presented in ways that are easier to understand for an international building team. As information is stored in a database, changes to that data can be logically managed throughout the projects life cycle.

Time & Resource Management

There are many timely advantages of the AECO industry in using BIM on complex designs. The main benefits can be found in areas like: the ability to perform increasingly complex tasks; process compound geometry; assess inputs from performance analysis data; & synchronize between multiple interfaces. However, the greatest advantage is BIM’s ability to disseminate information to other project stakeholders – timely & accurately.

Cost Analysis

Today’s investors in the build industry are spending wisely, the current economic downturn has had its impact. On the other side investors continue to develop more innovative, boundary-defying complex constructions under tight budget constraints. Specialists in the industry use BIM as a way around the problem. BIM offers cost effective & accurate solutions for architecture, engineering & construction.

The three main logical reasons the AECO industry are shifting to BIM are: the necessity to increase efficiency; improve quality & sustainability; eliminate errors, waste & claims.

Facility Management

Using as-built BIM models, project teams can record information relating to a facility’s main architectural, structural, and MEP elements by information from BIM models used throughout the project. Creating an as-built model (from the design, construction, 4D coordination models, and subcontractor fabrication models) provides a valuable resource for owners and facility mangers to link operations, maintenance, and asset data for effectively operating the facility.

With continuous updating, the record model can serve as a living document that contains an accurate snapshot of the completed space. Record models can include links to all relevant facility information (for example, serial codes, warranties, and the operation and maintenance history of all the components within the building.)

Our Solutions

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  • BIM Software training & presentations

  • Standards & templates setup

  • Procedures and best practices creation

  • Software mitigation planning

  • Project delivery support

  • BIM project planning

  • Hardware & software deployment


  • Technology & process evaluations

  • Information Management strategy

  • Technology process planning

  • Project team planning

  • BIM execution plan assistance

  • Calculations & analysis

  • BIM co-ordination

  • Model management

  • Model audits & reviews

  • Performance bench marking


  • Model Authoring from 2d drawings

  • Design coordination & clash detection

  • Drawing delivery

  • Model Maintenance & updates

  • Building performance & analysis

  • Visualization & presentations

  • Quantity extraction & cost estimating

  • 4D sequencing & animation

  • 5D cost analysis & resource planning

  • 6D facility management

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