Training on Project Base

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most important tools that Consultants, Contractors, Project Managers, Facility Managers & Building Owners can use to leverage & compete in the construction industry.

When the market realizes the power of BIM, there will be a massive shortage of professionals with BIM related skills. It is time for the build industry to react to this technological change by training their professionals. Their knowledge will give them an edge over their competitors by being better able to capitalize on construction opportunities. Action taken now will take time to ‘feed through’ from ‘classroom’ to workplace & so it needs to start as soon as possible.

Hands On Approach

iTech helps train & equip professionals on active projects. The groups approach is ‘hands on’, where the training needs of our clients are identified & matched. iTech’s aim is to see that our clients can cope & adopt processes that match global development, understand changes in technology, economy & technological new methods.

Increased Effectiveness

It is a learning process for teams to grasp how to use it properly. Once the client has gone through that learning process, then the effectiveness & efficiency will run off the back of it. BIM is a great tool to turn unrealized potential into results. It makes ‘cost’ & ‘time’ sense for projects to be designed in a BIM system where all those involved are using the same platform & model.

iTech specialize in implementation training to enable project teams to work in a 3D design environment, from pre-construction through to operations, asset management & preventative maintenance management systems.

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