The typical 2D approach has led to:

  • Significant cost overruns, rework, extensions of time

  • 60% to 90% of all variations are due to poor project documentation

  • One price variation results from every three Requests For Information (RFI)

  • Estimated Cost of Variations generated by poor documentation = 12% to 15.2% of project value (PV), based on actual cost of variation works, plus extra administration costs (1.1% of PV), extensions of time (2.1% of PV).

Research by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) reveals that direct costs caused by rework average a minimum five percent (5%) of total construction costs (CII 2005). Numerous studies reveal that the biggest contributor to construction rework at 25.4%, is due to scheduling issues. Integrating BIM solutions into your project delivery pipeline will mitigate the risk of claims and schedule delays significantly. Government mandate in many Local and International Governments.

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An outstanding 10%-15% of budget overruns in the global $5.6 trillion construction industry result from design related issues.*

*Published by the Queensland Division of Engineers Australia.